Azerbaijan Bride History

Azerbaijan Bride History

Dicembre 11, 2023

When you enter an Azerbaijani bride, you notice that the furniture are now occupied with meal. It consists of shish skewers and dolma (vegetables or meats wrapped in vine foliage), as well as a large spread of rice, meat, chicken, shellfish, sandwiches, and vegetables. There are also numerous bottomless breads romance tales, juices, beverages, water, and wines. The dancers is enjoyable, and the songs is audible.

A festival known as “paltarkesdi” is held a few days before the great time. The couple’s mummy visits the couple’s house with close female friends during this time. She speaks to the couple’s community about her brother and his individuality. If the relatives decide to marry the wife, they will do so. After that, the bride’s father may offer her nephew the bride, and she will move into her new home.

A meeting known as “uzechikhdi” occurs three days later. The bride’s closest adult family visit her novel home during this time to grant her presents. The bride’s mommy prepares dinner for everyone afterward. This welcomes the wife to her fresh life and makes her akin to her dad’s extended family.

The couple’s guests are expected to purchase the necessary items to start their new life up. These are comparable to the “moment” registryies you might find in the Us. It is a wonderful way to show the newlyweds you care and support. It is a beautiful traditions that has a cultural resonance.

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